Get a Confident Clean. Sanitize it.

Our disinfection services eliminate 99.99% of pathogens on surfaces

S.T.A.C.S. is available to respond to your urgent disinfection needs

Our Sanitization System is:

Keep it Clean.
Keep your Customers.

Concerned for their well-being, consumers today are avoiding businesses and public spaces due to the threat of infectious diseases.

Reassure your customers, keep them safe, and keep your business operational with STACS disinfection services.

Show visitors that your space has been professional disinfected by STACS

We’re at the frontline, so you can enjoy a safe space.

S.T.A.C.S. is a commercial-grade pathogen prevention and treatment system designed for: 

  • Home sanitization
  • Commercial sanitization 
  • Environmental sanitization 
  • Public sanitization
  • City sanitization

We proudly service properties across the Greater Toronto Area.

Our System

The STACS sanitization system follows strict protocols and uses leading-edge cleaning technology in tandem with an eco‑friendly commercial cleaning product to safely eliminate 99.99% of pathogens on surfaces. Rest assured that our system adheres to the CDC and Toronto Public Health guidelines for best cleaning practices for infectious diseases and other potentially harmful viruses and bacteria.

Disinfection sanitization services
Disinfection services

Our Method

We disinfect to protect with systematic misting machines, ULV (ultra low volume) fogging systems, and new-age electrostatic technology combined with a commercial-grade cleaning agent that is environmentally friendly and safely sanitizes in just 30 seconds. We proudly use only Health Canada approved sanitization products that are shown to protect against harmful pathogens.

Our Sanitization Services are:

STACS operates within The West Egg Group, which has over 16 years’ experience, 1,200 employees, and is a trusted partner to:

Sectors Serviced

Our disinfection services are scalable and able to meet varied client needs. We provide emergency and regular (daily, weekly, monthly) service to spaces across the GTA.


Commercial Sanitization Services in Office Towers, Shopping Centres, Retail and Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Convention Centres, Arenas, Hotels, etc.


Public Sanitization Services in Banks, Schools, Fitness Centres, Religious Centres, etc.


Home Sanitization Services in Condominiums/Apartments, Private Homes, Rental Units, Retirement Homes, etc.


Manufacturing, Warehouses, Large Kitchens, etc.

Outdoor Spaces

Environmental Sanitization Services in Common Areas, Parks, Playgrounds, Shelters, etc.


City Sanitization Services for Private Vehicles, Public Vehicles, Trains, Taxis, etc.

A Message to Consumers

We want you to feel safe at work, when shopping, or enjoying public spaces in your community. We provide professional sanitization services to businesses so that they can serve you safely.

When you visit a business or public space, look for a sign indicating that it's been professionally sanitized by STACS It lists the date the space was sanitized by our team, so you can be sure it's clean.

STACS uses biodegradable cleaning products that are 100% non‑toxic, food safe and disinfect hard to reach areas.

Environmentally friendly

No residue or scent

Safe for all spaces and food use

Occupants can return within 30 minutes

Free of synthetic chemicals


STACS only uses disinfection products that have been approved by Health Canada

About Us

STACS was started by a group of individuals who care deeply about the health and well‑being of their communities and the businesses that serve them. 

STACS is a subsidiary of The West Egg Group, which manages numerous luxury brands specializing in hospitality, events, technology, parking and logistics, and professional cleaning services. Established in 2004, the West Egg group is a trusted group of companies in Toronto with over 1,200 employees and a tenured management team.

STACS is proud to offer disinfection services to business owners and residents accompanied by the peace of mind knowing that their space is safe, healthy, and free of germs.

​ Working hard to protect clients and their customers, STACS is proud to be doing their part in the fight against the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Our mission: To protect our communities by reducing the spread of harmful pathogens using proven sanitization techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our system is trace-free, therefore nothing needs to be removed, aside from guests temporarily. Learn More.

Generally, we sanitize approximately 5,000 square feet per hour. Within 30 minutes, you and guests may re-enter the remediated site. Learn more.

We use only commercial grade Health Canada approved sanitization products.

 All sanitization treatments today are reactive, rather than being preventative. Therefore, it is recommended to have daily, weekly, or monthly service in place to ensure continued cleanliness of your space.

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