Elevate your next open house

Top performing realtors today offer their clients open house sanitization services

A Safer Selling

As a professional who strives to go above and beyond for your residential and commercial clients, you need a holistic sanitization strategy that includes open house disinfection services — elevating the experience while ensuring a safe environment for sellers, prospective buyers, and other agents.

At S.T.A.C.S, we are proud to partner with realtors like you to design a comprehensive and refined sanitization strategy that effectively eliminates 99.99% of harmful pathogens on surfaces.

Offering your clients peace of mind has never been this easy, affordable, or professionally executed.

Learn more about why top realtors leverage strategic open house sanitization for client and buyer safety

Why S.T.A.C.S?

  • Show your clients and their family that you care about their health and well-being
  • Get an open house disinfection strategy that demonstrates your plan to show your client’s space safely in a post-pandemic environment
  • Demonstrate to other agents and their buyers that you’re serious about their safety
  • Be regarded as a best practices leader for health and safety in your industry
  • Offer peace of mind by eliminating 99.99% of harmful pathogens on surfaces
  • Create an experience that elevates your service offering and distinguishes the properties you represent

Our Sanitization Services are:

Sanitization Service Options

Realtor Open House Sanitization Service

Recommended for pre-listing stage or at-closing stage for new buyers


  1. One fully trained and WSIB covered sanitization technician, approximately 30 to 45 minutes of time spent completely spraying the entire home or space using an electrostatic sprayer and ULV fogger.
  1. Eco-friendly cleaning agent that is:
  • Health Canada Approved to safely eliminate 99.99% of pathogens on surfaces
  • Biodegradable & non-toxic
  • Food safe
  • Fast & non-intrusive
  • Free of synthetic chemicals
  • Occupants can return within 30 minutes
  1. Countertop signage and sanitization certificate
  • Easel-back sign holder (to allow sign to hold upright on tabletop)
  • “Face Mask Required” and “This home has been professionally sanitized” signs (size 8.5”x11”).

Recommended for pre-listing stage only



  • Standing floor sign holder 54” tall
  • “Face Mask Required” and “This home has been professionally sanitized” sign (size 14”x22”). 
  • 20lb black weights to be placed at the base of sign holder for wind resistance
  • Attachable black wire basket affixed to bottom of sign (size 12”x12”x4”) to conveniently store PPE items (face masks, gloves, sanitizer gel)
  • Drop-off, setup, and pick up included

PPE ADD-ON (Additional)

  • 1 box of 50 face-masks
  • 1 box of 50 disposable non-latex gloves
  • 500ml hand sanitizer gel pump action
  • Neatly placed inside the wire basket (Sanitization Station)
  • Free delivery and placement of replenishment stock during lifetime of listing

Recommended for pre-listing with occupancy only

Solution mixture included


  1. 4-week rental 
  2. 1 litre jug of cleaning agent 
  3. Drop-off, setup, and pick-up included

Managed by our sister company, Gatsby Valet 

  • Professional and friendly ambassador to greet visitors
  • Ability to take guest information, allowing the realtor to focus on the showing/sale
  • Controls the ingress and egress of visitors inside the home, limit the number of visitors at a given time
  • Ensures all visitors have sanitized their hands and are wearing the appropriate PPE
  • Formal uniform attire upon request

We are different. Here’s how:

We are not a cleaning company

We are your turn-key strategic sanitization solution partner, offering an array of unique services that benefit you and your clients.

Our focus is on the guest experience

and making our realtors partners look good — driving incremental buyers/sellers through our carefully planned sanitization services.

We focus on realtors

so we know how best to serve them and their clients in a professional and cost-effective manner.

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